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Step Off Productions

1st full feature

"State of Delinquency"

Four teenage boys fight for respect and human connection in a world of isolation overrun with bullies of all sizes. 


      Inspired by true events        In memory of

     Gary Hendrickson


There Are Two Sides To Every Story

 Hey everyone, hope all is well! So we successfully finished shooting our first full feature film. It was a crazy and intense adventure but Step Off Productions finished the challenge.

Special thanks to all the location owners and parents of our actors.

The cast and crew who did a fantastic job! 

 We shot this film with the Black Magic Design 2K raw to bring you beautiful and stunning visuals. 


 Step Off Productions has calibrated with musicians Blueprint,   
Bobaflex,  Beartooth, Illogic, Paul Cunningham/Breaking the Horse, Dominic Francesco D'Andrea, Cherry Street Hill, Cheyne Curry &  Alert New London  on the soundtrack. 


Special thanks to all our Indie gogo donors

(listed to the right)

because we would have not been able to complete this film without

you and our investor!


 We are extremely excited to show all our supporters, families, friends, donors and investor the hard work that went into this project with extra material like an exclusive behind the scenes, a gag reel and some deleted scenes.

We all feel you will enjoy the film and its storyline.

Its going to touch the hearts of many and we plan to change lives

through our message.

-Tony Bumgarner

Make sure to visit our Facebook fanpage and like us to follow our progress with this project!!

Check out this leaked scene!

Thank You To All Our SOD Donors!!


Ty Miller
Shaun Brown $500
Darin Hohman $500

Renshawn Lomax
Jeffrey C. Roshon
Douglas Sardelli $100
Kim Snider $100
Angela Thirkield $60
Corey Hodge $50
Debbie Hepburn $50
Advanced Testing Solutions $50
Beach Shack Tanning $50
Timothy Major $50
Vanessa Justice $50
Linda Cassidy $40
Kimberly Jackson $35
Lisa Bell $35
Gaye Spetka $35
Simone Johnson $35
Joshua Beauge $35
Scott Spears(MOFA) $25
James McCain $25
James Mitchell $25
Ashley Fecat $25
Angie Worley $25
Tara Stottlemire $25
Barbara Johnson $25 
Mike White $25
Brigette Leake $25
Shawn Mcclung $25
Christine Murray $25
Sarah Liddle $25
Christy Russell $25
Ann Schmidt $25
Christina Lawson $25
Michelle Whitt $20
Megan Tornberg $20
Matemotja Productions $20
Brian Davis $20

Willy Adkins $15
Maggie Dean $15
Keenan Mitchell $15
Colleen Cullison $15
Steve Lefevre $10
Jennifer Knotsmed $10
John Hartman $10
Janet Manley $10
Kelly Fordyce $10
Trudi Young $10
Matthew White $10
Linda Hawkins $15
Mary Voiles 
Jonathon Long
Angela Makeever $5
James Barker $5
Kimberly M. Lowe $5
Audry/Hope Healing House $5
Micaela Femiano $5
Stephen Koczwara $5 
Lindsey Barclay $5
Stacy Bates 

Film Festivals

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