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State of Delinquency

2013 | TRAILER


Principal Photography May 2013


Currently in post production/Release date set for 2016

This story is inspired by true events and shows both sides of the bullying spectrum. Four teenage boys fight for respect and human connection in a world of isolation overrun with bullies of all sizes. All seems lost for Jonah

who has been picked on his entire life. From school to home, he can't escape the harassment and abuse. Jonah can't see any other option but to end it all, until he meets Trey. An all-American boy with the perfect life until the school bully picks Trey as his next victim, forcing him to take a stand. Bryce's parents have given up on him as he is falling deep into a world of violence, drugs, and alcohol. Timmy can't go home for fear of the evil lurking there. Life long friends, Bryce and Timmy are racing down a path to destruction.

Inspired by true events young lives desperately grasping for respect in a world of bullies.

The consequences could turn deadly.


2014 | FULL FILM


A tense confrontation between two strangers will change them both. This film was written,

shot, and edited in under forty-eight hours for the 48 Hour Film Project in Columbus, OH,0

July 19th - 21th, 2014.


2015  | FULL FILM

Executive Producer/Actor

Currently in film festivals

When a rogue time travel agent starts killing off people in the past,the government must send one of their disavowed back to stop him.


2015 | FULL FILM

Executive Producer

Currently in film festivals

When Michael's(Jim Foreman) wife Sara(Tirzah Wise) is possessed by the devil he turns to Father O'Malley(Jeff Potts), in a desperate attempt to save her soul.

This film was made for the 2014 3 Weeks of Terror film contest in Columbus Ohio Directed By Jim Higgins, Written By Jim Higgins, 

Executive Producers Jim Higgins & Tony Bumgarner,

Produced by Frank Mareno & Aimee Dutton.

Oremus was awarded 1st place in the 2014 Homemade Horror in Columbus, Oh and was also awarded Best Actor (Jeff Potts), Best SFX Tall Kat,  Halle Kevern and Victoria Butash & Best Sound  Frank Mareno.

Oremus-2014 was accepted into Chicago's Indie Horror Film Festival 2015

is an official selection of The 2015 International Horror Hotel Film Festival and placed 3rd.

The Cycle

2015  | FULL FILM

Executive Producer/Actor

Currently in film festivals

Abbie(Johanna McGinley) & Luke(Mickey Mason) decide to get to know each other better during a planned two-night stay at a quaint bed and breakfast.

The elderly, old-fashioned owners (Bill Koruna & Susan Martin) seem like the perfect hosts until a cycle of events spirals out of control. Their dream weekend soon becomes a nightmare.

Directed by Jim Higgins

Written by Jim Higgins & Cheyne Curry

Produced by Tony Bumgarner Jim Higgins & Steven Sturgeon

Official selection of the 2014 Film Festival of Columbus 

Flame of Hope


Assistant Director

A boxer, struggling to prove his worth, cares for his daughter who has an incurable condition. Premiering at the graduation of Patrick Johnston from the Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati in front of an audience of over 600 people, FPM is proud to officially release the new trailer for Flame of Hope! While we continue to work hard at making the film in post-production, we'd like to give you a little taste for whats to come! We believe this trailer, while part of a series of upcoming trailers for this film, introduces the story and promotes awareness about epilepsy to the world! Please share this with everybody you know!Together let's Ignite the Flame!

The Hidden

2013  | TRAILER


A group of men wake up in the snowy wilderness. They don't know each other or why they are there, soon they will realize the are not alone.


The Hidden was accepted into the top 10 finalist in the 2013 MOFA 3 Days of Terror contest and won 3rd place.

 A short film Directed by Jim Higgins and Steve Carmona. Trailer edited by Jim Higgins, Trailer Music by Frank Mareno.

The Ride

2012 | FULL FILM


It all happened in the year 2013. Much like some thought. A virus spread like wildfire, then mutated into six different strains.

The world became a barren wasteland where survivors struggled with their humanity as they waited for a cure.

A savior.

The Ride was accepted into the top 10 finalist in the 2012 MOFA 3 Days of Terror contest.


2012 | FULL FILM

Assistant Director/Location Manager

A group of paranormal investigators checks out an

old factory with a dark, bloody past.

L'appel du Vide

2012 | FULL FILM


The world is owned by the living dead and all is lost, no hope, now way out from this apocalyptical zombie nightmare.


Directed by TJ Cooley, Written by Jim Higgins and Earl Larimore, Cinematography by Frank Mareno,

Edited by Jim Higgins and Frank Mareno, Produced by Tony Bumgarner.

This short film was a part of the 48 Hour Film Project, Columbus Ohio.

Children Of The Grave 2

(TV Spot-Teaser) Official Selection Gasparilla Film Festival

2012 | TRAILER


Official Selection Gasparilla Film Festival. From acclaimed filmmakers The Booth Brothers creators of Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), Spooked, The Possessed, Children Of The Grave, The Haunted Boy as seen on SyFy and Chiller. This shocking new paranormal, documentary film continues the true hauntings of ghost children and their emotional stories of the supernatural. Featuring never before seen real ghost evidence. Emotional, Supernatural and Scary. "Jump for your Afterlife!" NOW ON DVD WWW.CHILDRENOFTHEGRAVE2.COM

The Infirmary Investigations Documentary

2012 | FULL FILM


A paranormal documentary directed and produced by Tony Bumgarner. I followed team

Historic Haunting's & Research during their investigations on the Knox County Infirmary investigation in

Mt Vernon Ohio for their very first paranormal documentary. This documentary is also my 1st as well and was made to showcase this historic building and its entirety. It was reviewed by filmmakers,

The Booth Brothers known for the SyFy channel and Spooked TV. Our mission was to showcase the Knox County Infirmary's haunting's, its history and what the locals want to see happen to the place.

Demon Unbound

2011 | FULL FILM

Producer/Actor/Location Manager

A reality TV crew arrives at a suspected location for a live event and encounter more than they bargained for.


Directed by TJ Cooley from Arch & Pillar Productions with 3 Grunts Productions

Written by Cheyne Curry and Rick Rinner. Made for the PGA's "Produce This!" contest.

The Enemies You Keep

2011 | FULL FILM

Co Director/Producer

TEYK won the Physis Films Showcase in November 2011. 

It was also accepted into The Stepping Stone Film festival in India. 


This is a story of a man named Jake, who is a small time street hustler.

He embarks on a cathartic journey of his past over an ill-fated game of chess with Death.

This allegory of social identity takes a look into a mans sins-of-survival and the consequence's

he has created for himself.

Meanwhile Death relishes in his masochistic game of mental torture with no reprieve. 


2010 | FULL FILM


Premiered at Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse on October 31st, 2010.

This is a story of a distraught young boy who is plunged into a world of violence and darkness as he grows

up in a home where his bible beating mother neglects, abuses and molest him. Through the years,

he evolves into a masochistic, violent killer. His perception of what is right and what is wrong is blurred

by his violent childhood past. Now, this terror has no boundaries. The only sanction and refuge he has, is to murder and dismember everyone he comes across. The rage has taken over and killing is his new found addiction. There is a new face of terror and a new meaning to word violence.

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