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Film Awards & Nominations

"The Enemies You Keep" - Physis Films Showcase Fan Favorite Award


"The Ride" - Official selection of the Ohio Homemade Horror Film Festival 

"The Hidden" - 3rd place in the Ohio Homemade Horror Film Festival 

"lilac" - Best use of character for 2014 Columbus 48 Hour Film Project 


"The Cycle" - Official selection of the Film Festival of Columbus


"Oremus" - An official selection of the 2014 Ohio Homemade Horror Film Festival and was awarded 1st place. It was nominated for MOFA's 2014 3 Weeks of Terror film contest & won 2nd place as the best of.

Oremus was awarded Best Actor- (Jeff Potts)

Best SFX-TallKat Istall, Halle Kevern & Victoria Butash also Best Sound-Frank Mareno. 

Oremus was also was accepted into Chicago's Indie Horror Film Festival 2015 and is an official selection of The 2015 International Horror Hotel Film Festival placing 3rd.



Step Off Productions

  Ohio native Tony Bumgarner developed a love for film making after enrolling in a film class in 2009. He crafted this new passion into reality through networking the local Independent scene in Columbus, Ohio and finding fellow artists just as serious about film. 


  Still the itch wasn't fully scratched until he made his directorial, writing, and producing debut with his very own “Terrorizer.” Since its inception, Tony has made nothing but strides in perfecting his skills in all aspects of film making, eventually forming his very own production company- Step Off Productions. 


  Step Off Productions has really set the bar for Independent film in Ohio. Ever growing and needing to excel further into his art, Tony put his real life tragedies to paper for a reflection in what it takes to be a teen in small town America. The anti-bullying, anti-abuse themes in “State of Delinquency” afforded him not only a big budget, but a stellar cast of local, young thespians. 


  In addition to behind the camera work, Tony has also landed small roles in front of the camera- truly making this film maker well rounded and well respected in his profession.


Step Off Productions Producer/Director/Writer/Actor

LBX Productions Performing Arts/Choreographer/Performer


Step Off is a production company that produces, promotes and creates multi media, film, commercials, music videos and documentaries. If you're a band, filmmaker, business small or big feel free to contact us for inquiries, email below






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